Day 1 – San Francisco, Frankfurt, & Bonn

Today has been a longggggg day. Not sure how many hours I’ve been awake. Since 8am January 10th in CA, and now its 7:30 pm in Bonn January 11. So I guess that is just 25 hours?

Anyway, I flew out of SFO at 1:45pm. On the flight I read an entire book from start to finish. My first kindle book…The Hunger Games. I really liked it, apparently. There were a few other LMU students on the flight which was really nice.

We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany at 9:20am January 11. From there we took a bus to Bonn where we were dropped off at the AIB (the people & building where we will be getting assistance while in Germany). My host father was the first to arrive.  We took the subway to Tannenbusch where I live for the next 4 months. Its not too long of a ride! It’s really nice because there is public transit at all hours of the day. Jurgen, my host father, made chai tea and we had 2 cups together while we got to know each other. I showered, unpacked, and got some help with getting the internet working.

I just had my first dinner. First was the bread, caprissi, salad, and white wine (which I was told is usually red, but not tonight). I thought this was everything but then pasta with meat sauce came out next. Then some sort of sweet yogurt that was delicious-I am hoping I don’t get a stomach ache from it.

I hope to do some Skyping tonight and then finally get some sleep.

Tomorrow will wear me out I’m sure.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 – San Francisco, Frankfurt, & Bonn

  1. jeffbordes

    so excited to hear about your daily experiences over there. we miss you already.

  2. Mike Gordon

    Thanks for the blog and the pix. Sounds like your host family has been looking forward to meeting you and has made you feel quite welcome. Please thank them on behalf of Mom and me for taking care of you. I think the “On Cloud NIne” photo would make a good one for your main web page above. .And glad you have the Kindle. Feel free to add books as you want.
    Love, Dad

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