Day 4 – The Run from Sud

Today was a day to myself. Not really on purpose, but it just happened. I accidentally slept until 12pm. The blinds here do a wonderful job at blocking out what little sun there is. So, I woke up, had breakfast, showered, and went into town to shop for some things I needed. Bandaids (for my wounded feet), shampoo and conditioner (I bought this really cool bar S&C that smells amazing and is all natural…we will see how good of a job it does), soap (nothing to say about soap), and a rain jacket.

I did not want to spend a lot of money on the rain jacket so it took a lot of searching to find a cheap one that I liked. I did find one at TK Max (TJ Max) for 17 Euro! I like it but it’s not very warm.

I was supposed to be home for dinner at 7pm but did not leave the city until after 7. I was running late and got off of the UBahn (the train) at 7:20-ish knowing I still had a 5 minute walk home. ….I looked up and found that I was off at the wrong stop. I was in Tannenburg Sud and not Mitte. There was 23 minutes until the next train, making me about 50 minutes late for dinner. I decided to try to walk home (I saw a sign that said “Tannenburg Mitte 1.1” so I assume it was 1.1km from that point but who knows how far it was to my house) in the dark in a strange city by myself. I had to ask a total of 3 people on the way how to get to where I needed to go but my sense of direction definitely helped. I made it back after running and sweating with my heavy jacket and several bags in my hands only to come home with dinner not ready. Which was probably the best outcome possible.

Dinner was delicious as always. Salad, potatoes and chicken! Yum! I didn’t go out – had to be at the AIB at 7:30am to go on our first trip.


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