Day 6 – Reflective

Day 6 – Already?

Today began in Monreal with a 6 mile hike in the frigid German winter air. It was great! Challenging, beautiful, and fun. About half of the group went on the hike through the hills. We saw some deer, many trees, a small river, little secluded houses, and a man who came out to see why his dog was barking to greet us with “guten morgen.” I like it out of the city.

After the hike we had breakfast which felt amazing after 2 hours of hiking on an empty stomach (although I cheated and had some weird health drink..about 5hr energy size..that Jurgen gave me yesterday which wasn’t bad). Eggs, cold cuts, bread, jam that tasted like wine, orange juice, and coffee. I loveeeee breakfast!!!!!

After breakfast we had a “Cultural Adjustment Workshop” where we talked for many hours about our experiences and what to expect while we study abroad. It was helpful, fun and interesting. I think it also helped our group get to know each other better. I have learned that no one is how I expected them to be-I like it.

We rode the train home. I asked Victoria about where to go to start my photography project and I had an idea that it may be interesting to find Jewish people who were around during or shortly after the Holocaust and interview them and have portraits of them. Something maybe a little bit different than the idea I had before.

I had a dream that I was home last night. I woke up and was confused then sad! The dream seemed so real. Maybe if I have more dreams like that I won’t miss home as much eventually because I can be there for a little bit. 🙂

Today was a good day. Tomorrow is a free day-my last before school starts. I want to go for a run in the morning. We will see if that happens!!! I am happy but missing home more than I have yet.

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One thought on “Day 6 – Reflective

  1. T

    Hi my Little Sister…

    I love your pictures they are beautiful. Sounds like an adventure already for you. We are missing you too. Remember it’s only been a week the homesickness will subside. HOPEFULLY!!

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