OhAmsterdam Day 1 – January 27

Friday, Day 16? I think.

Today, I had German class in the morning which was just a normal class. Good, not very eventful. After class, however the adventure started. Nathan and I went to Avis to change our car rental pickup time from 1pm to 3pm. I then went home, ate an amazing lunch, finished up some cleaning (because momma always hated coming home to a dirty house and now I am the same way) and packing then went back into town to meet friends to start our motor car journey to Amsterdam.

Nathan, Rodd, Lindsey and I split the 130 euro, two day, Mercedes (Prius looking, automatic) car. The ride was fun on the Autobonn. Our max speed was 107, I think…nothing too crazy. It was fun being able to go as fast as we wanted, but still it felt like we were breaking the law. We were getting passed by all sorts of German luxury cars the whole way. While we drove, countryside of the Netherlands was beautiful. I wish I could spend some time in those cold country towns. There were many people just walking on the canals and in the fields-it was freezing, I don’t know how they were doing that. We were still driving when the sun went down, but arrived without any problems. The GPS was a good investment-without it, I think we may have had some trouble navigating.

The hostel was not bad at all-as a self proclaimed germaphobe, I imagined a germ infested nest of human nastiness. Three bunk beds in each room and a small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower whose floor was the entire bathroom floor. It also came with a complementary light blue shower curtain that wraps itself around anyone who enters the bathroom-disgusting and inescapable. The package that mom and dad sent me had not made its way through customs yet so I did not have my sleeping bag yet. I actually had to sleep in the sheets provided with just my clothes protecting me from the fabled bed bugs, lice, herpes, crabs, that have embedded themselves deep in the pours of the mattress and unwashed sheets. And (drum roll please) I am fine.

…..check out the insane spiral stairs in the hostel below. The picture does not do the steepness justice.

So, the next part of the puzzle was to park the car somewhere safe and cheap. We found a parking lot outside of town (8Euro per day) so drove there, parked, then met the rest of the group (there were 17 of us in total this weekend) at the central station in Amsterdam. From there, we led the rest of the group (via expensive bus 2.60 euro per hourly ticket) back to the Hostel to make sure they made it there.

Dinner time! Finally. We (Nathan, Garrett, Rodd, Lindsey, and I) had Indian food…haha I can’t believe I just wrote that. Sounds funny to me. Anyway, after that it was a quest to find a good bar. People found clubs that cost 16 euro just to get it-not my style. We eventually got into a club for free and were given 32 rainbow shots for free. Girls ended up dancing on the bar and in the cage in the bar.

I went home at around 2:30 on a bike cab with a of couple friends who were just as tired and cold as I was. It was a very fun day!

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