Carnival – Thursday, February 14

Today it CARNIVAL. Went to the AIB at 8:45am and began drinking mimosas. People were dancing around the classroom and playing loud Carnival music. We basically pregammed at school. It was awesome. We then walked to Bonn Boyle to watch the parade. People walked in matching costumes in the parade throwing karmellas (candy) at people. People in our group continued to drink. It was fun to catch the candy and save it for later. I really enjoyed the culture of the parade and that everyone felt so unified.

After Bonn Boyle, most of us went to Koln. The train was packed. One man, next to the no smoking sign, lit up a cigarette…inside the train. So funny!!! People are so friendly! We walked in the streets in Koln Sud. It is said that there was over 1,000,000 people there. I think that’s pretty accurate. Everyone was drunk, in costume, and getting more drunk. Walking was like navigating in a moving maze. We stood by a bus stop for a while just hanging out. The bars were so crowded we didn’t see a point in going inside when there were tons of people and drinking outside anyway. The only bad part for me was that my feet were wet, and therefore cold. I was talking with some Germans for a while-apparently too long- because when I looked up from the conversation, everyone…all of my friends…were gone. Luckily I spotted Kaylee and then Ryan. I ended up staying with Ryan and trying to look for everyone else for 2 hours. Without luck. I was tired, and cold so I decided to go back to Bonn. People helped me buy the right ticket and get on the right train and I made it back to Bonn. I walked a different way trying to find the UBahn, couldn’t find it, got scared, saw the right bus, and hopped on. It took me 2 hours, but I finally made it home. I was happy to be there, but was almost too tired to stay up for dinner. I slept for a bit then had dinner with Uschi. It was pasta, delicious celery and apple salad, and apple sauce for dessert. YUM. Got to text with Pascal for a little bit before bed and then I was asleep by 9. Today was a great cultural experience. It reminded me a lot of Halloween in Hollywood-except more drunks, more clothed people, and more people in general…and it was day time. I cant believe people do this for 5 days in a row.

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