History – Wednesday, February 1

Today, I had German class. After class, all of us had a group lunch and a meeting to talk about the trip to Berlin that is coming up. The meeting was pretty painless and it made me excited to go on the trip. I am most excited about the Ballet we will be going to in Dresden on Wednesday. After the meeting, we went to the Bonn House of History-the museum in Bonn. It was surprisingly moving. The museum is organized chronologically so that as you walk through, you go through history starting at WWII. Anything having to do with the Red Army, the Stazi, Nazi, or anything Soviet, was color coated in red. Anything in the East was red as well. The museum contained many striking images. I noticed that parts of Jewish history and the Holocaust were pretty hidden and not spoken about on the guided tour much at all. Also the Marshall Plan (the plan that was instituted after the war by Marshall to help finance the rebuilding of Germany by the US) was not mentioned-and still has not been mentioned after being in Germany for a month. The theme of my museum experiences up to today has been secret photography. The museums don’t want anyone to take pictures because, well, I guess they want people to pay to come there, which I don’t understand because the people I will show the photos to will probably never go there. I would think that they would want their important history to be shared despite money and copyright issues.

Going to the museum made me want to start my publication even more. I want people to know the history of the world at a young age so that they can be inspired by it. So that we can move forward.

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