Lost Art – Saturday, Feb 11

We began the day with meeting Martin. The sleeping roommate in our room of 8 girls and 2 random men. After Martin proceeded to sit on his bed and stare while all of the girls got ready for the day, he decided to follow us downstairs, out the door, while we got lost trying to find somewhere to eat, to a restaurant, and sat at our table. Most of the girls felt uncomfortable. I tried to reason that may be it was a normal thing to do-when someone meets people in a hostel, they hang out, or people are just friendly. He seemed nice enough-old enough too. No weird conversation happened, and nothing bad happened at all. After he left us when breakfast was done, everyone was more positive about what had just happened.

All of the girls (Ali, Nikki, Jackie, Victoria, Sara, Lindsey, Callie, and I) went back to Sir Toby’s to meet up with the rest of the crew. We headed to the castle. The best part of the castle was the hike up. The rest was not that great to me, but I think that is because I didn’t take the tour. On the way down, I bought two small paintings from this old man. They were watercolors of the city- I fell in love with them. Some of us (Jackie, Nikki, Victoria, Rodd, Ryan, Nathan, Nick and I) stayed together the rest of the day. First we went toward the Charles Bridge-the walk there was beautiful. The buildings are old and gorgeous. The streets are narrow and not paved (actually they sucked to walk on because they were VERY slippery).

After the bridge, we walked around Old Town for a while and found a Cafe Coco where we stayed and had coffee and hot coco to warm up. I left my paintings there on accident, which I found out later. Looking back, I remember Ryan asking me what I bought and offering to show him-he said he would look at them later but if I had actually reached for the I would have remembered. It’s weird how those things happen.

We wandered through town into what we thought was the Jewish Quarter (because we passed a Jewish Graveyard) but I think it was the shopping district because there were tons of fancy stores like Louis Vuitton, etc. We made it to the center of old town and found a restaurant that Nick’s mom recommended to us. We met Jen, Ali, Sara, and Lindsey there. I had half of a greek salad (Nick had the other half) and a kids salmon with mashed potatoes.

After dinner, I wanted to go back to get my paintings from Coco’s so the boys walked me there. I went in and talked with the people for a while trying to really see if the art was lost or if the people didn’t care to find it. It was lost.

We ventured back to Sir Toby’s and spend the night playing “would you rather” in the hostel, quite loudly despite whatever time of night it was.

Today was one of my favorite days this week.

P.S. I just remembered probably the coolest thing I did this entire day. This morning at breakfast, wrapped in a yellow napkin, I put a hardboiled egg in my pocket of my ski jacket. It was there throughout the entire day. Whenever I remembered it was there, I brought it out excitedly and showed it to whoever was around me. I thought it was the funniest thing! And, at the end of the day in Sir Toby’s, with just a few cracks at the tip of the cold egg, I ate it. It was so cold that it felt like it had been a fridge.

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