My Life is Good – Thursday, February 2

Today, I had Terrorism and Visual Culture all day. We watched a movie about a man who was being terrorized by someone. The someone was sending letters, photos, and videos to him and his family. In one part of the movie a man commits suicide by cutting his throat in front of the man who is being terrorized. The film never reveals who is doing the terrorizing. It was supposed to reflect on the Algerian War and France, but was set in modern times. It left me feeling very uncomfortable, worried, and scared. I guess that is the point. The past few days have been pretty draining with the amount of media I have been hit with. I cannot imagine living in East Germany as a prisoner during the time of Soviet occupation. Shit.

The best part of today was that I got to talk with Pascal for an hour. We began to plan our trip in May. We figured out the dates we want to travel and where we want to go. We plan on meeting in Dublin on May 1 and being in Ireland for about 5 days then going to London to see Pascal’s family. I am so excited for these 10 days. I was grateful that we got to talk for so long.

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