Public Transportation – Sunday, February 12

Top bunk, sunlight streaming in from the only gap in the blinds onto my face. Today I woke up in Prague at Sir Toby’s Hostel. 6am, then 8am, then 9am, then 9:30 and finally we all got out of bed to start our day. After last night, we should all feel rested, but I don’t. It has been a long 10 days-so fun, but so long. Breakfast downstairs after everything was packed. All but a few of the things I brought I used…most I used more than once (socks …cough cough) so I am looking forward to going home and being clean.

After the yogurt, honey, butter, Nutella, bread, orange juice, and coffee were consumed, at 11am, we started our journey home (as all of us lovingly call it) to Bonn. First with a walk to the tram station down the road…all of us dragging our luggage. While waiting for the tram to arrive, I stood talking to some friends when I felt something forcefully hit my backpack and displace my coffee and me. I turned around and there was a wrinkled, dirty, bloody face with blank eyes quickly approaching the ground. I yelled like a little girl and got away as fast as I could. Some of the boys tried to help the bloody face up. Of course as all of this was happening, the tram arrived and we all hopped on (including the bloody faced man who proceeded to bleed onto his hands which then were used to stabilize him via the hand rails). An exciting start to the day.

We made it to the airport, waited for a few hours, and hopped on our short 1 hour flight back to Cologne. From there we took a train to bonn, and from the Bonn main station, I took my UBahn back to Tannenbush (home). It felt really nice to be greeted with a hug from Jurgen and a really warm smile from Uschi. It was 5:30pm. Bonn is home.

Dinner was great. I was so hungry. Some sort of meat and veggies wrapped in more meat with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts with cream and spices on it. To drink: water, chai tea, wine. For dessert: smoothie. I am fed well at here.

Skype, photos, videos, p90x abs on YouTube, revising my resume, looking for summer jobs, and working on a current job (for Timothy) occupy my time tonight. Not to mention writing about 15 days worth of exciting European life down so that I can remember it later. I don’t feel like sleeping.

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