Really Think Pancakes – Sunday, January 29

Today we (Nathan, Rodd, Lindsey, and I) drove back from Amsterdam to Bonn in our little Mercedes rental car. We had to leave early to return the car by 3, but we managed to have time to stop at a really cool place in the country side of either Germany or the Netherlands-we really don’t know where we were. The pancakes were AMAZING-thin, with blueberries, raspberries, some sort of red berry, black berries, powdered sugar, creamy deliciousness, and molasses on top. I loved having the freedom to be able to take that small detour. I’d love to rent a car again.

We returned the car by 3pm and all went our separate ways to get home. While waiting for the Ubahn, there was a group of about 10 older people. One of them had a professional video camera and was filming the others. I kept thinking that I wanted to go talk to them and I wanted to be a part of whatever they were doing, or at least know about it. They happened to get on the train that I take home and I sat with the lady with the camera. I asked her what they were doing. She was making a documentary about artists during the 1970s. The artists were there as well-from England-and had been in Tannenbush trying to use art to bring the community together. The lady invited me to join them. I did.

We walked not far from the UBahn stop to the river where the artists spoke about their idea to change an unused track into a canal connected to the River Rhine to call the community “Tannenbush on the Rhine.” The city denied their proposal saying that there were not enough funds for such a project. I found it interesting that these artists wanted to bring together a community that had nothing to unify it. Now, there is a small shopping center just outside of the UBahn which creates more of a community, but still I see that there is not much unity in this part of town because of the lack of common areas. We stood outside listening for about 20 minutes then the group went to their next destination. The were going to take a 2 hour break so I took the opportunity to go home and shower (I hadn’t in a few days because of the nasty hostel shower curtain). I planned to meet them in Bonn West at 7:00. I had dinner, dressed more professionally, and was on my way.

I searched for about 40 minutes trying to find the group and decided that because it was dark and I was alone, it would be better if I did not force the situation, so I decided to go home. I was in bed by 8.

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