Sir Toby’s – Friday, February 10

Today we woke up in Dresden. Breakfast with the rude people downstairs was actually delicious. We had to be out of the hotel by 9, so we were-without Nathan. He was left behind as we headed to the VW factory which is the only place in the world that makes the VW Phaeton. They “hand make” the cars and then sell them for a ridiculous amount of money. The most expensive being 150something Euro…for a Volk’s Wagon…….no thanks.

My opinion on the whole thing is this: The factory was contained in very beautiful architecture with extremely innovative mechanics (including a moving conveyor belt upon which the mechanics/workers moved around doing their work in a specific time frame while always contained in glass walls like they were on display, a car port that was circular and many stories tall containing an elevator to bring the finished cars down to their excited owners, car lifts, and robots that bring parts to the workers by moving enormous boxes stocked with the proper parts for each car), and even a few women. I understand the idea behind wanting to make a luxury car out of VW, but I don’t like the idea of making a car “by hand” for the sake of making it by hand. I guess there is a niche for it, but I personally would never spend that much money on a VW. Although, I must say they were very nice-we got to sit in them.

After the factory, we had some free time which I spent in Starbucks relaxing. We then paraded down the street (18 of us – all but Diane) to the train where we went on our way to Prague. On the train I was one of the first in so I sat in a 6 person car and the boys joined me. We played Schwimmen (a card game) almost the whole ride there. I was the first one to lose, sadly. I’ll redeem myself.

We arrived at what we thought was the right station. Hopped of the train and freaked out. It looked like we were on the outskirts of town. We thought we were going to have to take a cab or hop on the next train. Luckily, we were at the right stop and just had to find our way to Sir Toby’s Hostel. With my luggage wheels jammed with snow, dirt and pebbles, to the point where I was basically dragging the carry on through the streets, we reached the Hostel. Checked in, changed clothes, pre-gamed, found our way back to the bus, and then made it to our destination-the first bar of the pub crawl. The night had begun. Open bar for 2 hours, lots of ….fun, and 4 more bars later the night was over. People in the group got to like each other more throughout the night, some did not make it to all the stops, others lost their wallet, some fell, two ended up lost outside by themselves, but somehow, we all made it back home safely. Tonight was great fun.

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