The Nut Man – Thursday, February 9

Today was one of my favorite all around days so far. It was absolutely beautiful in the snow and everyone was acting like little kids while the snow fell and we walked around Dresden. It was awesome having everyone play like we were 6 years old together. In the beginning of our tour, a Nut Man (a man selling nuts) made a snowball and was playing around like he was going to through it at us. We went around to his truck and pretended to throw snowballs at him. Then he left his cart and gave us a thing of nuts! They were delicious!

We continued to walk around this town that had been 99% destroyed toward the end of the war. …I later spoke with Timothy (a friend of Pascal’s and Dominic’s) who told me about the 1000 bombers who simultaneously dropped bombs on Dresden. These bombs created a fire that came in on itself basically vaporizing anyone who was in it. They spoke nothing of this while I was in Dresden. But, like Timothy said, they speak a lot about the churches that they rebuilt. Its interesting…

After the tour, I went to lunch with Garrett, Sara, Ryan, Nick, and Jackie. It was nice to sit and talk with them. I love learning about everyone. After lunch, Jackie, Sara, and I went back across the bridge to shop a little bit. While we were shopping, I realized how little I know about shopping with other people. I am almost always by myself while I shop-never with girl friends. I think that’s because I haven’t really had many girl friends. I really enjoyed their company. We had a really good discussion about psychology and gossip. I like these kinds of conversations. I learned a lot.

After walking around, I went to Starbucks to try to talk with Pascal on my phone for a bit. Its so damn hard not being able to have a real conversation. I was getting very frustrated. I went back to the hotel for a 30 minute nap before dinner because I was getting depressed and frustrated with the lack of communication.

We went to dinner at the same place as last night, I showered, packed, checked the computers down stairs, and then went to bed. The adventure continues tomorrow!


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