Karneval – February 20, 2012

Today was the last day of Karneval. After only 4 hours of sleep last night I woke up and put on my white clown make up and vintage clown outfit, had breakfast, and met friends at Bonn Hopbahnhof. The train ride was fun! People were playing Karneval music for everyone to hear, I was given a fortune cookie. I opened it and remembered that it was going to be in German. Without looking at it, I handed it to a guy nearby and asked him to tell me what it said. He turned it over, handed it back to me and said, “here, try this side.” ….It was in English. Quite funny/embarassing. Jenn thought it was very funny!

We arrived in Koln into complete madness. So many people dressed up and so happy! It was a beautiful, sunny day. We walked around checking out all the cool costumes and watched the parade for a while. I stood behind someone who had a front row view of the parade. A nun and her partner, a priest, were behind me. The nun wouldn’t stop pushing me with her whole body as if it was an accident when no body was behind her. I asked her “are you doing that on purpose” a couple times and only got a stoic face staring back at me. All I was thinking was, “I WILL punch a nun, I WILL punch a nun.” We left that spot and just walked around some more. I went with Kaylee and Jenn to meet up with this German girl that Kaylee met in a bar a few days ago. It was really fun! After that, we (Jenn and I) met up with the other people – Nick, Ryan, Nikki, Jackie, Victoria, Nathan, and Lindsey. We wondered around Old Town and danced around the streets. It was pretty late in the day, around 4 and we went back to Bonn.

The streets were packed with people the whole day. At one point we were in front of the huge cathedral and danced on the steps to a life band. I took like 600 photos throughout the day.

I went home, showered – it kind of sucked getting the white paint off of my face. And had dinner. I Skyped with Lisa for 2 and a half hours! It was so nice catching up and sharing ideas with her.

Tomorrow I have class and will do Insanity at night. I am having a really nice time in Germany and am getting used to being an actual resident.

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