Attitude – Tuesday, February 2012

Well predictably, today was not as crowded as yesterday. I slept till about 10:32 and 27 seconds. Just kidding. Class was at 14:15 so I had some time in the morning to take care of some things-which I feel like I am always trying to do but become distracted by photos, music, JennaMarbles (want a good laugh …. or 3 hours worth click here: WARNING: vulgar and addicting……..seriously addicting), Glee, Skype, the world, food, my nails, reading things that are not on my to do list (which isn’t so bad, I suppose), sleep, cleaning, laundry, working out. Pretty much everything distracts me from the endless to do list, but I guess that’s life. Currently, I’m actually not studying for my German Oral exam on Thursday (writing on Wednesday) but I’ll get to that in tomorrow’s post.

Ethics class consisted of another group assignment and presentation. I enjoy the class and thinking about the things that seem relatively simple but when I actually think about them, they are so deep! Ethics, morals, motivations, attitudes, the purpose of life. I like it! Class was dismissed an hour early again. So we (Lindsey, Jackie, Nick, Jenn, and Nathan) did Insanity. It was Nick, Nathan, and Jackie’s first time. We are glad to have new people to join us!! It makes me even more motivated. Abs after the workout sucked pretty bad.

When I came home today, I said hello to Jurgen and Uschi as always. I talked with Uschi for a moment and she told me that today (like every Tuesday) was her in town day. I asked what she did and she said shopping for food and that she had physical therapy, just like every Tuesday, for 45 minutes. I asked her if she was ok and what had happened. She said that everything is OK and that she had something wrong with her “breeest” and that she didn’t know the word in English. She told me it would be a little bit before dinner and that I could wait in my room. I did. I wondered what had happened to her but was unsure whether it would be appropriate or not to bring it up.

At dinner, she brought it up. With some translating the German word, Krebs – I understood that she had breast cancer. 6 months. She said that she thought she was going to die. She went through chemotherapy 5 days a week for 6 months. Had surgery. Lost all of her hair. She doesn’t have any photos because she didn’t want any. She goes 2 times a year to be sure that it hasn’t come back. She never told the past two girls who were staying here that she went through this-I wouldn’t have know either had I not asked. She acted like it was not a big deal. I was so surprised that this was such a small thing for her-what a wonderful, positive woman!

After dinner I got to Skype with Pascal! Andddddd after Skyping with Pascal, I stayed up after words to study for my marketing midterm that I have tomorrow. I am concerned about it, but don’t think it will be unreasonable because there are only 3 students in the class-that would be weird. I plan on getting up early to go to Goldbraun (THE coffee shop) to study some more.

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